Renewable energy in agro-industrial complex: Economical parameters of wind power system for heat production, storage and supply of granary

Figures 4.46,a,b demonstrate quantity and cost of saved fossil fuel using a wind power system versus productivity of granaries. These data allow estimating in the first approximation the economic efficiency of wind power technologies in comparison with traditional heating systems on the organic fuel.

In accordance with the calculation the needs of granaries in heat can be provided by 7,6 MW wind power system. Application of renewable energy technologies for heat supply of granaries allows saving of 843 t of organic fuel during the heating season totaling US$0,59 millions at fuel price of US$0.7/kg. The ratio of the wind and traditional channel powers is determined by climatic zone of site, species and quantity of storing grain. During 10 years wind system for heat supply saves fuel resources valued of US$6 mln. Taking into account the 3 months period of drying in other time the wind system produces electrical power into electrical network. In that case the cost of WPT is restricted to US$24 mln. Today’s average market value for wind power system unity is US$2000/1kW. Then, market value of turbine is ~ US$15,2 mln.


The positive feature of wind systems is the possibility to employ them in two interconnected technological processes – heat and electricity productions.  Studies have shown the need in a combination of renewable wind energy technologies and traditional technologies on organic fuel. 

After removal of several restrictions (dependence on weather conditions), and using innovative approaches in the constructions of individual components and integration them into the general scheme, very high energy effectiveness of wind systems for heat supply of granary may be achieved, which in some cases can exceed energy efficiency of traditional sources of energy on the organic fuel.



By Vasil Sidorov on October 15, 2012

Technopark QUELTA, Queltanews from

Nizhyn Laboratories of Scanning Devices



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