Renewable energy in agro-industrial complex: Scheme of wind power system for heat production, storage and supply of granary

Figure 4.42 shows schematic of of wind power system for energy supply of granary. It includes as the components the wind turbine and thermal storage unit. The developed newest wind system for heat supply of granary fully corresponds to the ecological and economic requirements.

Thermal storage unit consists of a number of insulated containers with the working coolant that is characterized by high specific heat capacity. Frequently, water serves as a coolant. A well-maintained heat transfer between coolants in reservoirs is providing with pipelines. Heat accumulated in the reservoirs in the presence of wind later powers the technological processes accompanying the conservation of grain and hot water supply.

The thermal storage unit accumulates heat, not disrupting the natural balance in a particular ecological environment under the ground, in the air or in water. To accommodate wind power equipment the developer can use a significant part of the technological infrastructure that are used today for storing water, the liquid and solid organic fuel. For example, in accordance with the applicable norms, each elevator is equipped today with water reservoir with volume of 500 m3 and more providing fire protection measures.



By Vasil Sidorov on October 15, 2012

Technopark QUELTA, Queltanews from

Nizhyn Laboratories of Scanning Devices



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