Wind power systems for heat production, storage and supply of granaries: Grain farming and storage in Ukraine - introduction to the project

Ukraine is characterized by a high degree of land fund employment. Farmland occupies about 60% of its area. The characteristic feature of the farmland structure is high relative density of ploughed (plowed) land (land of forest-steppe zone is ploughed for 85.4%, land of Polissya is ploughed for 68,9%). According to the area of agricultural grounds Ukraine occupies one of the first places in the world.

Leading cultures in the farming are cereals (56%): winter and spring wheat, spring rye, winter and spring barley, corn, oats, buckwheat, millet and rice. The main cereal culture of Ukraine is winter wheat. The main areas of its growing are forest steppe and northern steppe areas. The spring wheat has a lower yields compared with winter one; her crops are located mainly in the Steppe regions of Ukraine with more severe winter conditions, where there is no permanent snow cover. A valuable food culture is winter rye. The basic regions of it growing are Polissya and northern parts of Steppe. Oats is found in the same areas, as the rye, and serves as a fodder culture. Barley is the second largest cereal culture of Ukraine according to the areas of sowing. The spring barley is growing in Polissya zone, winter barley is growing in the southern Steppe and in the foothills areas of the Crimea. The corn occupies third place in Ukraine for the area of crops. The best conditions for its growing are Northern and Central Steppe as well as south of Forest-steppe. According to the level of grain production Ukraine occupies one of leading places in the world.

The law of Ukraine "About grain and grain market in Ukraine» determines the development of grain market as a priority sector of agro-industrial complex. The law creates legal, economic and organizational conditions for competitive production of the grain market for the internal needs in food grain, seed grain and fodder grain, as well as to grow its export.



By Vasil Sidorov on October 15, 2012

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