Renewable energy in agro-industrial complex: Economical parameters of the wind power systems for heat production, storage and supply of green houses

Figures 4.41,a,b demonstrate the volume and cost of saved natural gas at the use of wind power system versus area of green house. These data allow estimating in the first approximation the economic efficiency of wind power technologies in comparison with traditional heating systems on the organic fuel.

The accumulation of 415,2 GJ (99,6 Gcal) of thermal power per day is provided by the coolant (water) volume of 2000 m3. During a year the 11,52 MW wind power station saves about 2283000 m3 of natural gas with the cost of US$1,14 mln. During 10 years wind power station saves about US$11,4 mln. Taking into account that the duration of heating season in our geographic latitude is 6 months correspondingly in other season wind system can work in the mode of electrical power production. In that case the cost of WPT is restricted to US$22,8 mln. Today’s average market value for 11,52 wind power system unity is US$2000/1kW. Then, market value of turbine is ~ US$9,6 mln. ~ US$23,04 mln.

Thus, despite the large use of the wind technologies for the production of electric current, heat supply and hot water supply of agro-industrial objects today may be one of the most effective ways for the employment of wind energy. Remaking of heating systems onto the alternative forms of energy allows reducing the consumption of organic fuel and eliminating the losses of thermal energy at its transportation.

In accordance with the laws of Ukraine "About energy saving" and "About heat supply" the work of government should be directed to the organization of serial production of high-tech power equipment, machines, mechanisms, that ensures efficiency and saving of fuel and energy resources using non-traditional renewable energy sources, secondary energy resources, processes for replacement of scarce fuels. The national, regional, local and other programs in the field of energy supply systems must be designed and adopted for implementation. The government must ensure conditions for conducting complex studies in the field of heat supply for the development of scientific bases concerning creation of innovative energy-saving processes and technologies for production of thermal energy.

Priority funding must be given to manufacturers of energy-efficient equipment and materials, to users of the equipment that runs on the renewable and unconventional sources of energy taking into account the costs of research and development, design, production of prototypes, production of highly effective technological processes, equipment and materials. Scientific fundamental and applied researches in the sphere of energy saving technologies and non-traditional types of energy production and the development of new types of energy saving equipment and technologies require subsidies and returnless appropriations.

At planning power supply of greenhouse with the use of renewable energy sources it is necessary to take into account the action on the territory of Ukraine of laws supporting the development of agriculture. In particular, the law of Ukraine «About state support of agriculture of Ukraine» defines the fundamentals of the state policy in the budget, credit, price, insurance, regulatory and other areas of public administration, stimulating the production of agricultural products and the development of agricultural markets, as well as food security of the population.

Agricultural commodity shall be reimbursed in the amount of 30 percent of the cost of machinery and equipment for agricultural production, construction and reconstruction of enterprises as well as for processing and storage of agricultural products. Machinery and equipment for agricultural production (tractors, combine harvesters, agricultural machines, trucks, trailers, equipment for livestock and poultry, slaughter of cattle and poultry, food production, storage and further processing of grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, secondary material for the production of biofuels and other alternative types of energy), which have not analog in Ukraine can not cope import duty when importing to the customs territory of Ukraine directly by agricultural manufacturers exclusively for their own needs.

The list of such machinery and equipment for agricultural production shall be approved by the Cabinet of Ukraine according to the issues of the central executive authority, responsible for agrarian policy. The government provides compensation at the expense of the state budget of the cost of constructed in rural areas social and household objects (houses, dormitories, kindergartens and nurseries, schools, medical items), engineering and technical communications (roads, water, sewer, gas pipe and network power, alternative types of heat and energy) on the condition that they provide activity of these social objects. The order of budget fund use is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.



By Vasil Sidorov on October 15, 2012

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