Wind power systems for heat production, storage and supply of living buildings: Economical parameters of the powerful wind thermal stations

Figures 4.33,a,b demonstrate volume and cost of saved natural gas with the employment of wind power system for heat supply versus living area in domestic buildings. These data allow estimating in the first approximation the economic efficiency of wind power technologies in comparison with traditional heating systems on organic fuel.

Wind thermal power plant is ecological and economic power project for the protection of climate and nature. Wind thermal power plant is the first stage in providing 100 % thermal power from renewable energy. The question that wind energy, photovoltaic and bioenergy plants can replace nuclear and coal plants is no longer disputed. In what measure it is possible, remains to be proven.

The combined thermal power plant can consist of several wind power plants and pumped storage power plants. The calculation impressively showed that renewable energy can cover 100 % of heat demand. Wind power plant in combination with traditional heating system on fossil fuel can supply sufficient heat all the time and everywhere. Intelligent controlling and accurate weather forecasts allow regenerative power supply.  It has proven to be just as reliable and powerful as a conventional large-scale power plant, since it optimally combines the advantages of the different renewable energy sources. In other words the combined power plants could boost the decentralized production of thermal power from renewable energy sources.


By Vasil Sidorov on October 10, 2012 

Technopark QUELTA, Queltanews from

Nizhyn Laboratories of Scanning Devices



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