Wind power systems for heat production, storage and supply of living buildings: Economical parameters of the small wind thermal stations

Figures 4.27,a,b illustrate accordingly volume and cost of saved natural gas when using wind power system for heat supply versus living area of buildings.

These data allow estimating in the first approximation the economic efficiency of wind power technologies for heat supply in comparison with traditional systems on organic fuel. The calculations show that accumulation of 415,2 GJ (99.6 Gcal) of thermal energy during a day is provided with water volume of 2000 m3.

During 10 years of operation a 4,8 MW wind power system for heat supply saves near 2283000 m3 of natural gas with a cost of ~ US$1141000. Therefore, cost of wind power system can not exceed of US$ 11,4 mln. Today the market value for wind power system in average is US$2000/1kW. Then, market value of 11,52 MW wind power system is ~ US$23,04 mln. Taking into account that WPP is used for heat supply only 6 months during a year, in other season it may be employed for electrical energy supply to a network. In that case, the cost of WPT is lowered to US$11,5 mln.


By Vasil Sidorov on October 10, 2012 

Technopark QUELTA, Queltanews from

Nizhyn Laboratories of Scanning Devices



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