Wind power systems for heat supply of settlements: Wind resources -1

The production of electricity with the use of wind power resources is characterized by some positive factors (fig. 4.11).

Firstly, wind is renewable energy source. Characteristic features of air masses are their constant recovery due to their motion in different layers of the Earth atmosphere. The energy of the Sun, energy of celestial bodies, underground anomalies and natural atmospheric phenomena cause the motion of significant air flows, accompanied by transfer of energy.

The intensity of solar radiations is equal 3,846х1026 W = 3,846х1017 GW (fig. 4.12). The Earth atmosphere captures one million’s part of this power or 4х1011 GW. Only 1…2% of Sun energy received by the Earth is converted into the wind – (4 …8) x109 GW. Installed capacity of wind farms around the world by the end of 2011 was 198 GW.

Wind is environmentally clean source of energy. Secondly, wind is environmentally friendly source of energy. As energy is produced by the action of air flow onto the turbine without air consumption and pollution, it can be attributed to the clean sources of energy. The absence of greenhouse emissions during operation of wind power equipment is another positive factor.


By Vasil Sidorov on October 10, 2012 

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