Wind power systems for heat supply of settlements: The choice of technology

On the territories with limited solar activity it is necessary to employ wind power systems for production, storage and supply of thermal energy to houses and industrial objects. These systems provide full autonomy of consumers from external energy supply at use of special equipment – accumulator of heat. At wind weather the electrical energy produced by wind power turbine with the aid of electrical heater is transformed into Joule’s heat and heats to high temperature a volume of heat carrier (for example, water or salts), which is saved in the special thermoisolated reservoirs. The mass and heat capacity of active substance are important characteristics of such thermal accumulators. Specific heat capacity defines quantity of heat, necessary to heat a mass unity to 10C.  In the future this stored thermal power can be extracted with the aid of heat exchanger and used for heat supply, hot water supply, and etcetera.

Wind thermal power plant can cost more than traditional thermal power plant on the organic fossil fuel, but its real importance is higher. The deployment of wind thermal power plants creates two times more jobs for highly qualified workers than in a case of ordinary TPPs.

States programs of fundamental and applied researches that are realized by countriestechnological donators to renewable power engineering are focused mostly on the development «versatile» electrical energy. As a result, the actual problems of heat supply of houses, communal buildings, industrial enterprises and agrarian farms are pushed to the wayside of energy market and are out of focus of fundamental and applied sciences. Such semi conscient ignorance of important power capacitive branch increases expenditures of organic fossil fuel, in this number at the expense of overproduction and consumption of electrical energy, which in a sufficient measure is employed for heating of the houses, communal buildings, and industrial enterprises.

In this section, without denying the prospects of wind power systems for production of pure "versatile" electrical energy, the man discussion will be concentrated on the researches and developments of wind power systems for production, storage and supply of thermal power for heating building, communal objects, industrial and agrarian enterprises using the last scientific advances of the existent wind power technologies and materials

The well known wind power technologies researched mostly for electrical energy production and without sufficient correction can not be used for creation of large spectrum of energy effective heat supply systems, which differ by the parameters of power, functional application, location and climatic design. In the same time, other technologies, especially, used in heat pumps, can be partly applied in our projects.


By Vasil Sidorov on October 10, 2012 

Technopark QUELTA, Queltanews from

Nizhyn Laboratories of Scanning Devices



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