Chernihiv Oblast State Administration plans to launch a Technopark QUELTA in Nizhyn

Chernihiv Oblast State Administration plans to launch a Technopark QUELTA in Nizhyn, Chernihiv Oblast of Ukraine in 2009. State administration of Chernihiv conceptualized Technopark QUELTA as a facility to foster the development of high-technology industries in the region, to provide support required for the development of over 20 high-technology companies, employing more than 1000 professionals. The units in Technopark will include domestic firms, joint ventures and subsidiaries of foreign companies engaged in a wide variety of activities. These companies are focused in the quantum-electronic and molecular technologies, molecular electrical power engineering, holography, optics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer and information technology engineering, e-business and industrial sectors. Technopark's motto is Labore et Zelo.

Technopark QUELTA will be owned and administered by Nizhyn laboratories of scanning devices, ltd and headed by a Chief Executive Officer. In addition to this, it has a Governing Council and a Program Implementation Board, both of which include top officials of the government. Technopark also will hosts a Technology Business Incubation Centre and Information Centre, situated in the Technopark Business Centre.

Technopark QUELTA has the entire infrastructure and support facilities needed for electronics and IT companies to function. In addition to built-up office space it also provides all utilities and the connectivity. This is done through private partner - Nizhyn Laboratories of scanning devises ltd. In addition, Technopark provides business incubation facilities for start-up firms as well as some social infrastructure for the personnel working in the park.

Universities. Technopark QUELTA hosts two prominent educational institutions:

Nizhyn (Gogol State University) or Ukrainian: Ніжинський державний університет ім. Миколи Гоголя. It is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Ukraine. It was originally established as the Nizhyn Lyceum of Prince Bezborodko, attended by such prominent students as Nikolai Gogol, Yevhen Hrebinka and others. The Nizhyn Lyceum of Prince Bezborodko was one of the premier institutions of Higher Education in Ukraine. State University

Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute of National Agrarian University (Kiev).

Infrastructure. There are currently 2 buildings inside the Technopark QUELTA campus intended for  molecular and quantum-electronic technologies, energy, holography, optics and computer and information technology engineering development. The buildings in Technopark include: Technopark Business Centre with 5,000 m2 of carpet area; Laboratory Corps with 4,000 m2 of carpet area; independent buildings of enterprises campus. These buildings additionally aggregate to a total of about 10,000 sq m. of space.

Other facilities in the campus include: Technopark Club: hotel, restaurant, gym, multi purpose shopping complex. The Club aims to take advantage of the diverse environs of Nizhyn to engage in adventure activities along with enjoying their idyllic beauty and solitude. With an ideal combination of beaches and forests close to Nizhyn, employees don't have to travel far to indulge in their favorite activities.

Support facilities. Technopark QUELTA offers electricity through a 380 V, 5 MVA internal power distribution system with built-in redundancies at all levels. Water supply is distributed by Technopark through a distribution system.

Technopark QUELTA has a 150-seater conference center, a shopping complex, banks, restaurants and conference rooms on campus.

Technopark QUELTA is connected to the National Internet and is serviced by a variety of bandwidth providers through fiber optic lines in the campus. Ukrtelecom provides up to all necessary connectivity with all countries in conjunction with the rest of the network. Technopark QUELTA also has direct connectivity to Kiev within the Ukrtelecom network. The direct access to the international cable network provides high bandwidth rates to companies operating at Technopark QUELTA. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

The Technopark Business Incubation Centre aims to provide facilities to start-ups in the High-tech fields. This facility has given rise to over 30 successful ventures, many of whom have expanded by taking up space elsewhere in Technopark. Technopark Business Incubation currently has 500 m2 in the newest Technopark QUELTA Business Centre building.

Expansion. In near future administration of Technopark plans starting building two office and research centers about 2оver US$ 50 million, as per latest estimates. Once Technocity’s land acquisition is complete, Technopark will have an extent of close to 20 acres, making it one of Ukraine's largest IT technopark, in geographic area, comparable to that of projects like the some foreign technoparks. km from the present campus. The expected investment in the project is around

The Government of Chernigiv has decided to partner with multiple private developers for Technopark and has formed a special State company to take up the work.

Social and economic aspect of Thechnopark QUELTA creation. The influx of high-income IT professionals will also result in the arrival of high-end apartment complexes, retail chains, top class hotels, multiplexes and all the other facilities of a modern city. Other facilities like an improved road network and a high speed transportation avenue along are also in process or being planned. The combined income of Technopark employees will brought an infusion of wealth into the entire region through secondary service activities like retail, hospitality, transportation, financial services and so on.

Nizhyn. A city, glorious and tender, loved by all. Nizhyn is located in the Chernihiv region of northern Ukraine, along an Oster River, 150 km north-east of the national capital, Kiev. It is administrative center of the Nizhynsky Region, though the city itself is also designated as a district of the oblast. Its estimated population is 76625 as of the 2001 census.



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