There`ll be a Technopark QUELTA in Nizhyn, Ukraine

Chernihiv Oblast State Administration plans to launch a Technopark QUELTA in Nizhyn, Chernihiv Oblast of Ukraine in 2009. An administration conceptualized Technopark QUELTA as a facility to foster the development of high-technology industries in the region, to provide support required for the development of over 20 high-technology companies, employing more than 1000 professionals. The units in Technopark will include domestic firms and subsidiaries of foreign companies engaged in a wide variety of activities. These companies are focused in the quantum-electronic and molecular technologies, molecular electrical power engineering, holography, optics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer and information technology engineering, e-business and industrial sectors. Technopark's motto is Labore et Zelo.

Technopark QUELTA will be administered by Nizhyn laboratories of scanning devices, ltd and headed by a Chief Executive Officer.  

Nizhyn is located along the Oster, 150 km north-east of Kyiv. The earliest known references of Nizhyn go back to 1147.  In the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Nizhyn was granted Magdeburg rights (1625) as a self-governing town. Nizhyn was also the seat of a major Cossack regiment (until 1782) and of the thriving Greek community, which enjoyed a number of privileges granted by Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky River.


 In 1805, the Bezborodko Lyceum was established in Nizhyn; for some time it was named as Physical and Mathematical Lyceum. Architecturally Nizhyn was shaped in the 18th century. Among its buildings, it must be mentioned its seven Baroque churches, among them the so-called Cossack Cathedral of St. Nicholas (1658), St. Michael's Church of the Greek community (1719).  Other notable buildings include the Trinity (1730), the Greek magistrate (1785), and the Neoclassical complex of the Nizhyn Lyceum (designed by Luigi Rusca, built in 1805-17, expanded in 1876-79). Technopark QUELTA hosts two prominent educational institutions: Nizhyn State University (Gogol State University or Ukrainian: Ніжинський державний університет ім. Миколи Гоголя. It is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Ukraine. It was originally established as the Nizhyn Lyceum of Prince Bezborodko, attended by such prominent students as Nikolai Gogol, Yevhen Hrebinka and others. The Nizhyn Lyceum of Prince Bezborodko was one of the premier institutions of Higher Education in Ukraine. )

Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute of National Agrarian University (Kiev).



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