Cooperation between Ukraine and the United States in environmental sphere

Cooperation between Ukraine and the United States in environmental sphere is based on bilateral “Agreement on cooperation in the field of environmental protection”, signed on 7 May, 1992. This document provides for cooperation among the involved Ukrainian and US agencies in fighting air pollution, ensuring environmental control, developing analysis of health risks pertaining to environmental pollution and radiation emissions, etc.     

In accordance with the document, on 8 December, 1999, the governments of Ukraine and the United States concluded the “Agreement on cooperation in research on health and environmental effects related to the Chornobyl accident” with the purpose to conduct joint studies on how the Chornobyl accident and civil nuclear reactors influence health and environment.

In December 1999 the Agreement was signed on the establishment of regional environmental center of Ukraine – independent, self-managed, non-profit and non-partisan organization assigned to resolve ecology related problems in Ukraine as well as in neighboring countries through facilitating cooperation among interested official agencies and nongovernmental civil organizations. The center’s budget is partly covered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Among environmental projects implemented by the United States in Ukraine there are:

provision of mobile radiation control laboratory developed by the US National Radiation Laboratory. The US Side sponsored a number of workshops for Ukrainian personnel working at the mobile laboratory;

the US Environmental Protection Agency conducted a research on the methane emissions in Ukrainian mines; respective manual was prepared as well as a business plan for industry-oriented use of methane was developed (the project is implemented on “Skorochynsky” and “Komsomolets” coal mines). In the framework of this program, funded by the US Agency for International Development, a Center of alternative types of fuel was established to develop capable and economically effective investment projects of utilization of mine methane;

with the assistance of the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency, the national inventory of greenhouse emissions was conducted and the national action plan developed;

the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency provided assistance in implementing a number of projects in Ukraine in the area of energy-saving and power efficiency, particularly in: municipal energy-saving in Kyiv, efficiency improvement of power consumption by industry facilities, modernization of gas compressor stations, modernization of central heating system in Kharkiv.                   

At present, Ukraine seeks US assistance in implementing projects to modernize gas-transportation system using the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms. On 17 July 2007, a meeting was held in Kyiv with participation of leadership and experts from the Ukrainian Environment Protection Ministry and the US Environmental Protection Agency, where the mentioned issues were discussed. The US Side put for consideration a draft project to modernize gas-transportation system of Ukraine with the aim to reduce methane emissions.  




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