River damless HPS with the submerged hydro-turbines

The researchers of Nizhyn Labs of Scanning Devices (NLSD) consider: one of the possible ways of raising the use of hydrotechnical resources - the building of hydroelectric damless power stations with the submerged hydro-turbines near existing hydrotechnical settings.

These submerged hydro-turbines use the kinetic energy of water streams, especially, the energy of the «worked» water on the existent HPS for production of electric energy.

The construction of the submerged turbines remind the wind turbines, but even at moderate speed of water stream the advantage  of the submerged turbines is obvious: they use bigger density of working body (water), which is 835 times more dense than air.

The small hydroelectric power stations with submerged turbines in less degree violate ecological balance of environment. They give the possibility to draw nearer to the remote users the production of electric power and thus to simplify the distributive electric systems. The small hydroelectric power stations also give the possibility to regulate the loading of networks days and seasonal.


Vasil Sidorov E-mail: sidorovvasil@gmail.com

on March 07, 2009 in queltanews.com


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