SunPower Corp. & Del Monte Foods open 1.9 MW Solar Plant


Del Monte Foods and SunPower Corporation have opened a new 1.9-megawatt solar power system installed at two of Del Monte's manufacturing plants. The system will deliver approximately $25 million in savings on electrical costs over its expected 30-year lifetime. SunPower said that when all of the arrays in the new solar system are combined, they include 9,080 solar panels, covering nearly 200,000 square feet of rooftop - roughly the equivalent of three and a half football fields.

"Since our beginning 150 years ago, the sun has fueled the growth of our fruit and tomato products. It will now help to power our California canneries as well, as we continue to provide our consumers with nutritious, great-tasting products produced with the addition of even more sunlight" said Rick Wolford, Del Monte Foods' chairman and CEO.



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